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Drywall Repair Services in Portland, Oregon

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There are many common causes of drywall damage that require drywall repair or a new drywall installation.

It is important to know what has caused the damage in order to prevent it.

In some cases, a homeowner may be able to fix the damage on their own. However, in other cases, it is best to hire our company that can properly fix the problem.

The next most common cause of damage is a defective joint seal. If a protruding joint has been joined to a piece of drywall that has not been attached properly, then the joint is likely to be damaged.

In most cases, this damage will be easy to repair, but it is always a good idea to make sure before starting any work.

One of the most damaging things that can be done to walls is glue leaks. 

Glue leaks are typically caused by an improperly placed joint and insufficient padding between the two pieces of drywall.

Corrective items such as a drywall repair kit can be purchased to address these issues, though it is important to follow the instructions carefully. 

In most cases, the damage will be visible after the repair is completed.


Best Drywall Contractors Portland has to offer:

Paint is another area that can cause problems with drywall. When the paint is applied to a wall, there is often little protection behind the painted surface. As a result, peeling paint can easily penetrate the surface of the drywall and cause damage. The most common causes of paint damage to walls include cracks, crushing, or chipping.

When walls are not properly insulated, they can be damaged by heat loss or water leakage. Heat can cause the finishing cracking, while water can cause moisture build-up in the drywall.

In both of these cases, it is important to install insulation in all walls, including the areas where the most damage may occur.

These are just some of the most common causes of drywall damage. If you notice any of these issues in your home, it is important to contact our drywall company as soon as possible for a complete and accurate repair.

Any damage caused by overcorrection when installing drywall should be addressed before any other work is carried out. The longer the damage is allowed to continue, the more expensive and time-consuming the repair becomes.

Overcorrection refers to the process of building up layers of plaster too much or applying too much wallpaper. Both of these situations are highly unlikely to have any long-term effects on the walls, but they do require a lot of time to fix.

They also affect the strength of the entire drywall system, so the drywall itself will probably need to reinforce at some point. This is often seen in older homes that were built using drywall systems that were not as updated as they should have been.

Causes of Drywall Damage:

The most common causes of drywall damage also include accidental spills or leaking. Any liquid spilled onto the wall must be cleaned up promptly. Leaks can easily be caused by poor construction, so this should always be looked into.

Water seepage can also occur, especially in places where there is no waterproofing. Depending on the type of foundation on which the home rests, this may also lead to a serious drainage problem that could lead to more serious problems down the line.

There are many other reasons why drywall can degrade over time, including age (old houses tend to fall apart easier than newer ones), bad installation procedures, low-quality products, and improper cleaning techniques.

No matter what is causing the drywall damage in your home, it’s important to quickly solve whatever issue is at hand. Many times this can be as simple as replacing a few damaged sections of drywall, but it’s important to make sure that the problem is addressed before it becomes more serious.

The most common causes of drywall damage can easily be remedied, and you should certainly take care of any issue that you discover in a timely manner.

Drywall Repair of a residence


When you’ve tried to patch the problem yourself, it’s time to call in the pros.

If your drywall is severely cracked or has severely buckled, it could take a lot of time and effort to put back together. 

In addition, if you don’t call in a pro right away, you may end up spending more money repairing the damage than buying a replacement. 

Before you put your home and family at risk, call in one of our pros to fix your drywall or remove a popcorn ceiling. You can avoid costly mistakes and save money.

When there is a small crack in the drywall, it may seem like no problem at all. However, those small cracks can quickly turn into large holes if left alone. 

Not only can the crack spread quickly to other areas of the house, it can also get worse. In order to repair or replace drywall, you need to call us right away. 

The last thing you want to do is put the building’s integrity at risk by ignoring the problem.

Another problem can come up when the drywall has been painted over. Over time, paint can rub off on the drywall, leaving gaps in the wall. 

When you call our contractors to repair or replace drywall, they will be able to size up the problem. We will make sure it is not going to be a structural problem. 

They might even be able to suggest a solution to the problem.

Perhaps your drywall is showing signs of mold. That’s a major concern when it comes to fixing or replacing drywall. 

When you call our team, we will first check the outside of the house. If there is mold, it will need to be removed before beginning work on the inside of the house. 

Drywall Repair Professionals:

Our pros can help you with this process and ensure that your house remains mold-free.

You might have spotted a leak or other problem with the drywall in your house. 

Calling us early will help to find the source of the leak. This way, you can avoid having to replace the drywall if the leak is easily fixed.

What you need to ask yourself is when you should you call the pros to fix or replace drywall. You might have a large piece of wall that needs to be replaced and feel like replacing it yourself. 

In this case, you may want to hire a professional drywall contractor to come out and take a look at the wall. 

It is better to have a pro look at your house than it is to repair a large piece of drywall by yourself. 

Hiring a drywall company can save you time and money.

The best decision you will make is to call one of our drywall specialists that have the experience in patching holes in drywall. There is nothing worse than a huge, ugly hole in your beautiful walls.

Finally, deciding on how to patch drywall is not something that should be attempted by amateurs. 

Call us right away if you have any doubts or if you find a problem. The skilled drywall professionals we work with have experience. 

We have the tools necessary to repair or replace the drywall in your home properly and quickly.

Drywall Installation by two workers with gloves on


When it comes to improving the value of your home, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is whether to hire a drywall professional or to DIY. 

The cost of hiring professionals can be significant. Drywall installation can take anywhere from one day to several days depending on the type of drywall installation being done. 

You may be tempted to try to save money by doing the drywall installation yourself. 

However, unless you have experience, attempting to cut corners by doing the drywall installation yourself can lead to costly mistakes. 

The end result will ultimately cost you more in the long run.

The appearance of your finished project is very important. If the drywall installation is done by an inexperienced homeowner it can look sloppy, unfinished, or not up to code. 

Potential buyers may not choose to purchase your home based upon the appearance. Our experts will have the skill and experience necessary to create a professional-looking finish.

Proper Drywall Installation:

A drywall professional will know the proper way to hang drywall sheets without damaging it. In addition, they will have expertise in applying the drywall tape correctly. 

Plus, they will use high quality nails and other fasteners to help ensure your drywall installation is solid and sturdy. 

With the help of a drywall installation professional, you will never have to worry about nailing poor drywall boards into place again.

Another benefit of hiring a professional drywall installation company is the warranties they offer. 

If for some reason your drywall installation does not work properly, or you decide to remodel your home, the installation company has a guarantee on their work. 

As a result, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get in touch with them if you need to have your drywall repaired or if the entire piece of drywall needs replacing.


Probably the most important benefit of hiring our drywall installation company is the fact that we will save you time. 

We can even help you decide what drywall style you want as well as which colors will look best in your home.

Our pros are well known for their expertise and quality workmanship. They will take time to talk to you about what type of drywall you are interested in and the look you are trying to achieve. 

The professionals will also measure everything for you and help you choose how much of each product you will need.

The pros also have the knowledge and skill to install any type of drywall. 

No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of pros can finish it quickly and professionally without damaging your walls. 

One of the most important aspects of installing drywall is to use the proper tools and safety precautions. 

Drywall installation is not something anyone should try to tackle on their own. 

It is one of those projects that requires a great deal of attention to detail and skill.

Our crew of highly skilled drywall installation professionals will provide you with a free no-obligation quote! 

Our Drywall Installation Projects

Drywall Project in a Portland home
Drywall sanding project
Drywall Project inside a home with a ladder


Portland New Construction Drywall

Drywall is a wall covering material composed of gypsum, fiberglass, and other synthetic or natural substances. It is primarily used for interior walls. 

It is one of the most cost-effective building coverings. It is available in different thicknesses, which determine its suitability for different applications.

Some of the major benefits of drywall are as follows:

Ease of Installation: One of the best features of drywall is that it is easy to install. Therefore, you will not need any heavy material for its installation. Also, you can cut it easily with an electric knife and after cutting it, you can easily apply its insulation properties by yourself.

Cost-Efficient: Drywall is cost-effective as compared to other construction materials for wall and ceiling applications. It can resist extreme heat and cold as well. Moreover, it is an excellent energy-efficient wall covering material. 

Drywall has always been considered as one of the least expensive options among all the building materials. It is definitely a practical choice due to its durability and quality. 

Therefore, drywall installation has become a popular choice among homeowners. Even if it is cost-effective, it is still a good idea to hire a professional to install it for you. This will reduce the risk of damaging it due to ignorance.

Ease of Maintenance: Another benefit of drywall installation is that you have less costly repairs and cleaning procedures. It is less expensive as compared to other materials such as wood and plastic. 

It is easy to clean and you can keep its beauty and functionality for a longer time than usual. For example, you can use soap and water to wipe away dirt and dust in no time at all.

Easy Installation: Installation is easier than any other building material. For homeowners who are not very familiar with DIY activities, hiring our professionals can greatly help ease their tasks.

They will be guided and assisted accordingly to make sure that the installation will not be a problem for them.

When it comes to new construction drywall installation, it’s best to call one of our specialists instead of trying to do it on your own.


Commercial Drywall in Portland with an orange ladder for tall places

The benefits of commercial drywall installation are clear to contractors and business owners who need a quick fix for a wall that has begun to leak. 

If your property has a slight bit of a drip, it will not take much longer than one day for a contractor to complete the repair. 

When water gets into the walls, it can cause cracks to form. This can lead to the development of mold.

Even though the holes don’t appear to be causing any problems, it’s still important to get them repaired or replaced if they do.

Some of the most common reasons why business owners get these problems are due to faulty construction techniques or materials.
Water damage to the drywall joints can also cause drywall ceiling cracks.

However, it can create a problem when the excessive moisture builds up in the ceiling area.

Quick and efficient:

Drywall installation allows contractors to complete the repairs quickly and efficiently and also gives them the confidence they need that they will not incur additional costs by doing the job themselves. 

One of the most obvious benefits of drywall installation is that it provides fire resistance. Contractors who choose to use drywall in their work have found that this added fire resistance can help to make their jobs easier. 

Also, the fire resistance prevents the material from burning and melting the surrounding areas around the repair. Contractors who use drywall installation in their work will find that they are much safer in the event of a fire.

Drywall also offers business owners some sound deadening properties. Sound proofing is often done using standard fiberglass. However, drywall has the advantage of also offering sound deadening properties. 

The material can be made with special sound-deadening resins. These resins are applied to the drywall and can help to reduce the echo in your property.

Another advantage of drywall installation is that it provides fire-resistant properties. This is because most commercial drywall is made from materials that are flame retardant.

Hopefully this has helped you understand some of the commercial drywall advantages. While these products can be used in many homes and businesses, they are especially useful for older homes and for rental properties. 

These are not only long lasting, but they are also relatively inexpensive.


When you choose our team for drywall repair or installation in Portland, Oregon, you will have made the best decision as we have many years of experience.

The contractors we work with possess the expertise and knowledge in the installation of any size drywall project. Our highly skilled professionals will know how to properly and professionally install all your drywall.

The cost associated with using only the best on your project is much less than the potential cost of replacing your drywall if they crack, leak or break. A knowledgeable installer will use only top-quality materials available. 

We will always tell you upfront what type of materials you will need and will recommend the best products and services available to make put your mind at ease.

Portland Drywallers have the skills to work in any size home or business. You can trust our experienced installers to handle anything that may come their way. When you hire one of our drywall contractors, you’re putting your homes interior in great hands.

The right technicians we work with also have the skills and expertise to make any adjustments to your drywall installation. Some property owners think having a professional install their drywall is expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Once our team completes all the repairs and installation, you will have a peace of mind. We are dependable, efficient and complete every job right the first time!

Don’t wait any longer, call us now and let us take care of all your drywall needs. We take pride in the giving our clients quality work as well as saving you time and money. Having our team do the work so you don’t have to will eliminate costly mistakes.

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