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Drywall Remodel by worker in a home

Getting rid of popcorn from a ceiling can be messy, demanding and time consuming. Hiring a knowledgeable professional to accomplish the task can be a great means to save on labor, materials, and time.

The process includes scraping the composition off the ceiling, applying a second texture, and minor details in between. If you need to have assistance with this home enhancement task, our Portland, Oregon drywall repair company is ready.

Our licensed and properly insured specialists carefully remove old popcorn and acoustic ceilings to upgrade and modernize your home, office, or commercial property. We make sure to shield floorings with coverings, scrape, apply, tidy up, and leave your Portland-area house looking better than ever.

We are happy to accomplish popcorn removal as part of a bigger renovation task or as a stand-alone job. Connect with our regional Multnomah County providers without delay to get a totally free estimate and to find out more concerning our reliable and affordable services.

History of popcorn ceilings

We initially started seeing popcorn ceilings in residences in the 1960s. The style went on to be used through the 1980s.

Popcorn was favored as a plaster texture due to the fact that it didn’t require added color or paint following application. The popcorn texture was also effective at concealing damages and dings in the ceiling drywall.

Over time, we found out that the surface was hard to stay clean and free of dust. On top of that, popcorn ceilings have become an undesirable artifact of history.

Those who have tried to remove it on their own and found the process to be demanding to say the least. Removal needs many actions, as laid out in the area below.

Our ceiling removal procedure

Our people have developed a tested process for banishing a popcorn ceiling and delivering a brand-new feel to the area. It is as follows:.

  1. Recessed lighting and air vent covers are taken down.
  2. Lighting fixtures and fans are covered to safeguard them.
  3. The wall surfaces and floor surfaces are covered with drop cloth materials while doorways and entryways are closed to prevent particles from spreading.
  4. The true task begins with figuring out if the existing surface is painted or water based. If water based, a water-based solution is employed to soften and liquify the composition. Painted popcorn needs more scraping effort, which frequently results in extra repair work required for the drywall.
  5. After removal, drywall repair work and patching are made to make a flat finish.
  6. The ceiling is sanded to assure a smooth surface that is ideal for a brand-new texture and/or paint primer to be added.
  7. We apply a composition or paint of your preference, making for a complete transformation.
  8. To finish things up, our Portland team removes all supplies and tidies up the area, leaving you with a pristine space.

The whole process generally takes two days to two weeks. It depends upon the extent of the task and measurements of the space(s). We deliver you updates daily and constantly keep you informed of the latest.

Get in touch with us at your convenience to set up a totally free assessment with our knowledgeable and skilled company.

Our other drywall service options

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